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My passion for braids was triggered after I discovered from experience the volume of time it consumes, the long hours of sitting down, the almost unlimited complaints from girls/ladies, as well as hair loss which results from tension on the scalp and edges.

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02. Our Inspiration

These and many more cons inspired the creation of Avan Hair & Beauty Parlor. Our sole aim is to recreate braid wigs in a more natural way with the added benefit of saving time, money as well as making hair loss a thing of the past. Our braid wigs are designed and tested to last for several years as conveyed by google customers reviews.
Our wigs are made with a lot of passion, also we ensure the wig is as light as possible. Comparing our wigs to other typical braided wigs, you will notice our braided wigs are made with real virgin human hair closure or frontal, this gives our wigs a very natural look. We guarantee each of our braids are made neatly by hand.

03. Dedication

We are dedicated to making every woman look beautiful by providing natural quality wigs at an affordable rate. We are a Canada based company with a factory in Africa.
We ship worldwide from several locations based on nearness. We also sell other products such as braid hair extensions, crochet braids, human hair wigs, lace wigs and other hair accessories. Thank you for visiting our page. You will definitely have a great experience shopping with us!

Human Hair Wigs Regina

Braid Wig Store Canada

Different clients are referencing that how to mind their turn hairpieces, here we summered up 10 pieces of information that might help you better idea and store your hairpiece.

Braid Wig Store Canada –

Detangle prior to washing with wide teethed brush from hair terminations to root. Never brush all around from the hair root, that will cause shedding.

Braid Wig Store Canada

Wash your hairpiece 1 to different occasions each week on the off chance that you wear it standard, or a couple of wearings depending upon the situation. As disgusting hair isn’t sensible, and will be tangled which will cause shedding.

Braid Wig Store Canada

Never utilize percolating water or cold water when washing. Warmed water might relax up the hairpiece progression, and cold water isn’t significant for clearing out the soil.

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Persistently wash human hair with the water streaming similar strategy for the hair to abandon matting and tangles.

Braid Wig Store Canada

When washing, give wonderful idea to the space around the face which might amass earth, oil, and magnificence care items.

Braid Wig Store Canada

Never twist or rub your hairpiece enthusiastically while washing or drying.

Intertwine Wigs Canada – Continuously use without sulfate care things portrayed for misleadingly coordinated hair to wash and style your human hair hairpieces to keep the hair delicate and sensible.